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Igor Pelipas

Asymmetric impact of external environment on economic growth of Belarus

Oil price is one of key external factors that determine macroeconomic indicators of Belarus. We find that its impact is non-linear, as its scale depends on the direction of the shock.

27 december 2016 Igor PelipasIrina Tochitskaya

Corruption problems in Belarusian SMB estimate

In the workpaper there is a general estimate of corruption, considered levels of corruption in section of different group features and its influence the economic development of Belarus.

07 december 2016 Igor PelipasGleb Shymanovich, Robert Kirchner

International linkages and external shocks: A Global VAR perspective for Belarus. Evidence from different model specifications

Belarus as a small, open economy is closely integrated into the global economy via complex commodity, trade and financial channels. The empirical investigation of the impact of different external shocks, e.g. changes in the global price of crude oil, or a recession in Belarus’ main trading partners on its main macroeconomic variables like GDP, inflation and the exchange rate is of concern to policymakers and researchers alike. In this policy study, we use a very modern and sophisticated econometric approach to investigate these issues further.

21 september 2015 Igor Pelipas

Money as a leading indicator of inflation in Belarus and its implications for monetary policy

In this paper we evaluate the empirical foundations of monetary targeting in Belarus using relevant comprehensive econometric techniques. We use econometric approaches based on the cointegrated vector autoregression model (cointegrated VAR) to analyze the relationships between the operating and the intermediate target and estimate the real money demand function.

04 november 2014 Igor PelipasIrina Tochitskaya

WP/14/03 Corruption perception of Belarusian small and medium size enterprises

The paper considers the different definitions of corruption, traditional methods of assessment in the context of international comparisons, its effect on economic development, and some of the best anti-corruption practices.

28 july 2014 Igor Pelipas, Robert Kirchner, Enzo Weber

Is the Output Gap a Useful Indicator for Monetary Policy in Belarus?

The central question of the paper is whether the output gap can be considered as a useful indi-cator for monetary policy in Belarus.

27 august 2013 Igor Pelipas

TN/01/13 Deseasonalizing Belarusian GDP

The paper discusses in detail the methodology of seasonal adjustment of Belarusian real GDP and proposes policy recommendations that are of practical importance for statistical agencies, central banks, economic observers and academic researchers.

29 december 2008 Igor PelipasAlexander Chubrik

WP/08/11 Market Reforms and Growth in Post-socialist Economies: Evidence from Panel Cointegration and Equilibrium Correction Model

William Davidson Institute Working Paper Number 936, September 2008

Market Reforms and Growth in Post Soviet Countries: Results of the Econometric Analysis

ECOWEST (2007) 6, 1, 60-94.

WP/07/01 Market Reforms and Economic Growth in the Post-Socialist Countries: Results of the Econometric Analysis

This paper examines the impact of market reforms on the economic growth, based on panel data from 26 post-socialist countries in the period from 1989 to 2005.