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Policy Discussion Papers

Discussion papers series of the IPM Research Center address specific problems of the Belarusian economy. The papers are based on the results of applied research, respective literature/international experience analysis and discuss possible solutions of the contemporary economic problems of Belarus.

14 november 2018 Ben Slay

Sustainable development – Beyond rhetoric and aspirations

This paper seeks to address this gap by briefly explaining why – in practical terms – sustainable development and the SDGs are increasingly seen as relevant and useful by decision makers. It also seeks to present some possible implications for Belarus.

Asymmetric impact of external environment on economic growth of Belarus

Oil price is one of key external factors that determine macroeconomic indicators of Belarus. We find that its impact is non-linear, as its scale depends on the direction of the shock.

06 march 2018 Irina Tochitskaya

Foreign Trade: What Lies Behind the Success?

According to Belstat data, in Belarus in 2017 the balance of goods and services was positive and amounted to USD 63.2 million. This undoubtedly can be considered as a good economic sign, especially given the fact that for many years the balance of trade in goods and services remained negative.

Progress in Business Climate Improvement in Belarus through the Prism of Surveys of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Вespite a significant improvement in ease of doing business ranking and adopted legislative measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises, their role in the country’s economy has practically not changed in the recent years. Besides, according to surveys SMEs assessment of changes in business conditions became less positive in comparison to 2010.

New legal acts package on encouraging private sector development vs needs of Belarusian business: Results of the small and medium enterprises surveys

The paper compares the assessment of the business environment drawn from SME surveys with progress in the Doing Business ranking and the measures envisaged by the new package of the normative legal acts on encouraging the development of the private sector in Belarus.