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18 december 2017

Bulletin on macroeconomic trends in 2017Q3

Bulletin "Macroeconomic Update: Sources of economic growth, 2017Q3" is available online.

13 november 2017

Video from the conference KEF-2017 "Foundations of the future"

Video from the conference KEF-2017 "Foundations of the future" are published on the web-site of Kastryčnicki Ekanamičny Forum.

02 november 2017

Live translation from the conference KEF-2017 ”Foundations of the future”

Live translation of the KEF-2017 conference "Foundations of the future" is organized in partnership with velcom and TUT.BY

26 october 2017

Article by Alexander Chubrik for the web-portal TUT.BY

The article discusses current economic policy agenda that set a framework for KEF-2017 conference "Foundations of the future".

20 october 2017

Registration for the conference KEF-2017 ”Foundations of the Future”

Registration for the conference KEF-2017 "Foundations of the Future" is opened. Registration fee for participation in two days of the conference is BYN 30.

18 october 2017

Publication within the World Bank working paper series

Policy Research working paper "Fiscal incidence in Belarus: a commitment to equity analysis" by Kateryna Bornukova, Gleb Shymanovich and Alexander Chubrik is available at the web-site of the World Bank.

14 july 2017

Macroeconomic Forecast for Belarus

A new bulletin "Macroeconomic Forecast for Belarus" is available online.