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Belarusian Monthly Economic Review

In October 2002, the IPM Research Center has started to issue Belarusian Monthly Economic Review with an expert support from the German Economic Team. This bulletin reviews recent developments in political and economic life of the country, covering such aspects as real sector developments, structural trends, external sector dynamics, public finance, monetary policy, and functioning of the banking sector. Each issue of the bulletin contains a statistical appendix with the main macroeconomic indicators.

10 october 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №9(132), September 2013

In recent months, it became evident that economic authorities are trying to restrict exchange rate fluctuations, although formally the regime remained unchanged.

12 august 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №8(131), August 2013

In Jun-Jul, new shocks appeared which are likely to have negative consequences for the economy in the midterm perspective.

05 july 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №7(130), July 2013

Negative environment in external markets hurt the national economy: exports of most of commodity groups reduced sharply, firms faced growing finished goods inventories.

07 june 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №6(129), June 2013

By the end of 2012, seasonally adjusted real unit labor cost (share of wages in value added) – one of the measures of price competitiveness – increased to its medium-term level.

13 may 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №5(128), May 2013

In the 1st quarter, implementation of domestic demand en-hancing policies preserved. However, efficiency of this “growth regime” raises doubts.

11 april 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №4(127), April 2013

In last month and a half there was an uncertain situation in money and loan market. Growth acceleration of time ruble deposits was acompanied by recovery of foreign currency segment of the loan market.

13 march 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №3(126), March 2013

During a government session under chairmanship of A. Lukashenko, a number of theses were announced, which probably will form a scenario of economic development in the near future. Modernization and promotion of exports were mentioned as key goals, solution of which should assure increase of economic growth rate.

05 february 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №2(125), February 2013

In January, Belarusian Potash Company signed a new contract on supply of 1 m tones of potash fertilizers at a price of 400 USD/t to China. This is 70 USD/t lower than a price of a previous contract with China.

18 january 2013

Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, №1(124), January 2013

At the end of 2012, two normative acts regarding the Development bank were passed.