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The IPM Research Center issues a number of regular publications,analyzing and forecasting the economic situation in Belarus. The list of major publications includes Belarusian Monthly Economic Review, which addresses the recent trends in production, monetary and fiscal policies, and foreign trade dynamics; Belarus Macroeconomic Forecast and Belarus Short-Term Economic Trends, which contain forecasts of the main economic indicators over the short to the medium run. In addition, experts of the IPM Research Center regularly deliver commentaries to the Belarusian and foreign media on the urgent problems of the Belarusian economy.

This section also contains annual publications of the Center, covering changes in the infrastructure of Belarus and operation of SMEs, and addressing social security, social protection and poverty.

08 may 2018

Business in Belarus 2017: Status, Trends, Perspectives

In addition to the traditional issues related to the changes in economic stance of small and medium enterprises, conditions of doing business, and effectiveness of business unions, this Yearbook reviews judicial and legal barriers of private sector development.

26 march 2018

Macroeconomic Update: How big is the Russian energy subsidy to Belarus, №2(17), March 2018

This update considers Russian energy subsidy as one of the most important channels of the oil impact on the Belarusian economy.

15 january 2018

Macroeconomic Forecast for Belarus: 2018–2019, №1(15), January 2018

We expect real GDP growth in 2018-19 around 3% yoy with domestic demand as a main driver. Macroeconomic policies will remain balanced in order to keep inflation and imports under control.