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Policy Papers

Policy papers series of the IPM Research Center papers provide research-based recommendations for economic and social policies. 

Towards a More Effective Implementation of State Programs in Belarus: Selected Recommendations

With this policy paper, GET Belarus continues the work we have undertaken in the first half of 2016 to support the Government of Belarus in the implementation of the new legislative framework for the State Programs.

07 december 2016 Igor PelipasGleb Shymanovich, Robert Kirchner

International linkages and external shocks: A Global VAR perspective for Belarus. Evidence from different model specifications

Belarus as a small, open economy is closely integrated into the global economy via complex commodity, trade and financial channels. The empirical investigation of the impact of different external shocks, e.g. changes in the global price of crude oil, or a recession in Belarus’ main trading partners on its main macroeconomic variables like GDP, inflation and the exchange rate is of concern to policymakers and researchers alike. In this policy study, we use a very modern and sophisticated econometric approach to investigate these issues further.

09 august 2016 Gleb Shymanovich, Matthias Morgner, Uladzimir Kavalkin

State Programs in Belarus - Improving Design and Implementation

This Policy Paper analyses the new approach to the development and implementation of State Programs in Belarus. In the past, this state support has taken a range of other forms, including tax exemptions, discounted prices, or direct financial support. The newly adopted legislative framework for the design and implemen-tation of State Programs requires this state support now to be allocated on a competitive basis.

27 june 2016 Irina Tochitskaya, Robert Kirchner, Jörg Franke

Hedging foreign exchange risk in Belarus: Selected issues

In 2015, Belarus made the very important strategic decision of moving towards a floating exchange-rate regime. This was a right and long overdue decision; at the same time, it gave automatically rise to a number of challenges.

17 june 2016 Irina Tochitskaya, Biern Vogler, Robert Kirchner

Reforming of free economic zones in Belarus: which policy to choose?

The analysis of the FEZ’s work gives a contradictory picture of their activity. The FEZ’s contribution in an inflow of foreign direct investments in the country and total employment is at a low level (5% and 3% accordingly). The dynamic of a number of indicators is also worrying.

Improving the integration of financial and non-financial SME support in Belarus

The state support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Belarus is currently composed by a catalogue of solitary programmes that work isolated from each other.

18 february 2016 Irina Tochitskaya

Kazakhstan’s Accession to the WTO: Overview and Implications for the Eurasian Economic Union

Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO will have an economic impact on Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and Belarus as its member.