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“Forced liberalization”: consequences and lessons of Kazakhstan’s join the WTO for Belarus

In march 2016 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus stated its intention to complete the negotiations and join the WTO during two-three years. This gave a rise for another round of discussions about possible benefits and costs of country’s membership in this organization. Not denying the necessity of scrupulous analysis of the economic consequences of join the WTO, it should be recognized that Belarus is seriously late with join the organization.
In fact, Belarus carries out “forced” trade liberalization following the partners’ agreements on the Eurasian Union in the WTO’s scopes. After Russian’s join the WTO Belarus was forced to take on its obligations on access to the commodity market whereas rates of the Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union and of the Eurasian Economic Union were in accordance with the tariffs which are in the Protocol of Russian’s join the WTO. The recent Kazakhstan’s join the WTO will affect Belarus even more.