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 Irina Kolesnikova

PDP/13/04 WTO Accession and Economic Development: Experience of Newly Acceded Countries and Implications for Belarus

In November 2012, Belarusian government renewed the negotiations regarding the accession to the WTO that were suspended in 2005. Therefore, the issues of optimizing the negotiation process and evaluating possible impact of institutional reforms associated with the accession to the WTO are of particular relevance. The reason for this is that the WTO regulates all areas related to the international trade, which in its turn inevitably influences internal regulations and institutions. Since liberalization processes in Belarus are at their nascent stage, implementation of respective reforms would undoubtedly become one of the main requirements of the country’s WTO accession. From this point of view, the experience of the countries which have recently joined the WTO is analyzed and a possible strategy of the WTO accession for Belarus based on these are proposed. In particular, it is concluded that the success or failure of countries that acceded to the WTO is largely determined by the quality of institutions which should be built and/or strengthened based on reforms. Moreover, trade reform is a catalyst for improving the institutional environment and, therefore, it gives impetus to economic growth.