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Editor: Kozarzhevsky, P., Rakova, E.

Private Business in Belarus: External and Internal Factors of Development

Authors: Glambotskaya, A., Guzhinsky, I., Kozarzhevsky, P., Rakova, E., Tatarevich, B., Chubrik, A.

Despite a difficult regulatory environment and a high tax burden, Belarusian SMEs still manage to develop. In general, they develop due to a favorable external environment creating the conditions for growth of enterprise investment and consumer demand. A significant part of the growing demand is met by private enterprises. However, the regulatory environment is a significant constraint to the development of business in the country and foreign direct investment inflows. SMEs have learned to adapt to it. The main consequences of their attempt to adapt to the environment include increased costs, time losses, the use of illegal schemes of operation, or carrying out the activities of the enterprise “in the shadow” or abroad. This book explores the attitude of SMEs’ executives to the main internal factors that determine the development of business in the country, and the attitude of SMEs to parameters of the economic policy and economic reforms, as well as business environment institutions.

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