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Editor: Vitaly Silitsky

Belarus: Challenges for Social and Economic Development

Authors: Baturchik, M., Glambotskaya, A., Rakova, E., Skribs, А., Tochitskaya, I., Shymanovich, G.

The global economic crisis has aggravated the current and future problems of socio-economic development of Belarus. The country is facing serious challenges that may affect the sustainability of economic growth and socio-economic development in general. In this context, a special focus is given to the factors associated with the ability to further improve the standard of living of the population, namely, efficient functioning of the labor market, wages, and social policies. Furthermore, no less important are energy security, energy sector reform and national competitiveness. The authors of the book provide their vision of the problems and the current situation, including the prospects of its development, and offer possible ways to overcome the existing problems.

The book has been prepared under the EU project Development of the Public Dialogue on Socio-Economic and Political Options: Strengthening the Capacity of the Civil Society, implemented by the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies in partnership with the IPM Research Center, the Axiometrical Research Laboratory NOVAK and other Belarusian civil society institutions.

Available only in Russian.

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