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Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Quarterly Review, 1Q2007

This issue contains the analysis of macroeconomic trends related to growing prices for gas and oil, changes in legislation regulating entrepreneurial activity and some data on business environment in Belarus

 Vitaly Vavrishchuk

Trade Specialization of Ukraine: Evidence of Revealed Comparative Advantages

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 704-712

Impact of the Financial System on Economic Growth in Transition Economies

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 674-703

The Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on Belarus. Trade Balance

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 658-673

 Robert Angle

Risk and Volatility: Econometric Models and Financial Practice

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 628-657

 Clive Granger

Time Series Analysis, Cointegration, and Applications

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 618-627

 Vernon Smith

Constructivist and Ecological Rationality in Economics

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 4, 536-617

 Olga Pavlova, Alexander Rogozinski

Labor Markets in CIS Countries

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 3, 509-526

 Elena Rakova

Privatization Experience in Some of the CEE and CIS Countries. Lessons for Belarus

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 3, 465-508

 Michael Spence

Signaling in Retrospect and the Informational Structure of Markets

ECOWEST (2006) 5, 3, 415-464