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 Alexander Chubrik, Petr Kozarzewski

Private Business in Belarus: Market Values and Attitude towards the Reforms

ECOWEST (2007) 6, 2, 245-274.

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Quarterly Review, 3Q2007

The issue contains survey of the main changes in legislation and the estimate of internal and external factors that either stimulate business activities or block.

 Elena Rakova, Anastasiya Glambotskaya, Boguslav Tatarevich

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Factors of Success and Barriers

ECOWEST (2007), 6, 2, 195-244

 Christoph Obloi, Michael Patt

Happy kids and mature losers: Differentiating the dominant logics of successful and unsuccessful firms in emerging markets

ECOWEST (2007), 6, 2, 169-194

 Lars Schweitzer

Concept and Evolution of Business Models

ECOWEST (2007), 6, 2, 146-168

Economic Consequences of Gas Price Increase: A Quantitative Estimate

ECOWEST (2007) 6, 1, 124-137.

25 december 2007 Petr Kozarzewski, Elena Rakova

Regulatory Framework and Tendencies in Development of Small and Medium Business in Belarus

ECOWEST (2007) 6, 1, 95-123

Market Reforms and Growth in Post Soviet Countries: Results of the Econometric Analysis

ECOWEST (2007) 6, 1, 60-94.

 Nort D., Wallace J., Weingeist B.

A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History

ECOWEST (2007), 6, 1, 4-59

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Quarterly Review, 2Q2007

In this issue: estimating the consequences of Belarus’ withdrawal from the EU’s Generalized System of Preferences; tracking changes in the legislation regulating entrepreneurial activity in Belarus.