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Small and Medium Business in Belarus

The bulletin "Small and Medium Business in Belarus" contains information about the main trends and events in economic and social development of Belarus and monitoring of the main changes in legislation and business environment. The bulletin provides the data on Belarusian and international surveys which devoted to the analysis of business climate and SME functioning in Belarus and other countries. It is published since the fourth quarter of 2005.

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Qurterly Review, 3Q2009

In this issue: Possible results of application of economic policy measures in Belarus in the context of the world economic crisis.

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Qurterly Review, 2Q2009

This issue contains scenarios of balance of payment current account deficit reduction. Main changes in business regulatory legislation. Analyze of the existing barriers against the increase of enterprise competitiveness.

Small and Medium Business in Belarus: Quarterly Review, 1Q2009

In the issue: Policy of the National Bank during the global crisis; major changes in legislation regulating Belarusian business.