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Aims and Scope

In order to increase the level of economic education and research, the IPM Research Center publishes an independent scientific economic journal ECOWEST (origin of the words “Economics” and “West”). The ECOWEST gathers articles on the most topical issues of social and economic development of Belarus and other transition economies written by Belarusian and CIS authors, as well as translations of the papers of leading foreign economists, including lectures of the Nobel Prize winners in Economics. The journal aims to ensure the international standards of economic research and is open for papers based on original economic research and modern methodology of economic analysis. The ECOWEST is distributed free of charge among the wide circle of researchers from Belarusian think tanks, analysts of government structures, representatives of international financial organizations, foreign experts, representatives of mass media, students, teachers of state and private institutions of higher education, business community, and representatives of economic and political elites.

Editorial Board

Dr. Andrey Bakanov, associate professor, Belarusian State University
Prof. Dr. Stanislav Bogdankevich
Dr. Elena Vasilieva, associate professor, Belarusian State University
Pavel Daneyko, Institute for Privatization and Management
Dr. Dmitri Dichkovski, MBA, Milavitsa
Dr. Leonid Zaiko, associate professor, analytical center "Strategy"
Prof. Dr. Mihail Kovalev, Belarusian State University
Dr. Alexander Sosnov, associate professor, Independent Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies

Chief Editor

Dr. Igor Pelipas, senior research fellow, IPM Research Center

International Board

Prof. Dr. Marek Dabrowski, CASE Fund (Warsaw, Poland)
Anders Åslund, PhD, senior fellow, Institute for International Economics (USA)
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mau, Academy of National Economy at the Government of Russian Federation
Prof. Dr. Lev Lubimov, The Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Dr. Alexander Paskhaver, Center for Economic Development (Ukraine)
Ben Slay, PhD, UNDP's Regional Support Centre in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Copyright Information

Requests for permission to reprint should be addressed to:

IPM Research Center
76 Zakharov Str.
220088 Minsk
Phone/fax: +375 (17) 2100105

E-mail: ecowest@research.by 

To request permission for other kinds of copying, such as copying for general distribution, for advertising or promotional purposes, for creating new collective works, or for resale, kindly write to the IPM Research Center at the address given above. For articles in the public domain, permission to reprint should be obtained from the author.
29 october 2012 Zuzana Brixiova

Promoting Economic Transition in Belarus

ECOWEST (2003) 3, 2, 279-287