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Belarus on the Road to the WTO: Problems and Prospects

Project is implemented by the IPM Research Center in partnership with CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research (Warsaw).

The project is aimed at reaching the following objectives:

  • to conduct a research and analysis of the implications of Belarus’ WTO accession, with a special focus on social impact of joining, as well as implications for business;

  • to strengthen the capacity  and increase the role of non-state actors and business community in decision-making processes by providing a continuous flow of unbiased and impartial analysis of the impact of Belarus’ WTO accession and creating the ground for a dialogue between non-state actors and  authorities;

  • to  initiate a public dialogue in order to increase awareness of people, civil society actors, business community, academicians and authorities about sources of the gains and risks from Belarus’ WTO accession;

  • to strengthen the capacity of mass media to professionally cover the issues of Belarus’ WTO accession and inform the society about this issue.

Research papers

Irina Tochitskaya (2013). Belarus’ WTO Accession: Impact on Domestic Business, Policy Discussion Paper PDP/13/07, IPM Research Center.

Gleb Shymanovich (2013). Social Effects of Accession of Belarus to the WTO, Policy Discussion Paper PDP/13/08, IPM Research Center. 

Irina Kolesnikova (2013). WTO Accession and Economic Development: Experience of Newly Acceded Countries and Implications for Belarus, Policy Discussion Paper PDP/13/04, IPM Research Center.